Elitone: Incontinence Stimulator / Kegel exercise device


Treatment That Works

Healthy pelvic floor muscles are needed to maintain control over bladder leaks. These muscles need to be regularly exercised just like any other muscle.  ELITONE sends therapeutic stimulation to safely and comfortably exercise your pelvic floor muscles.  As you feel your pelvic floor slowly contract and relax you can be confident that you’re on your way to fewer leaks. 


HOw to treat



The GelPad is designed to deliver correct pelvic floor muscle contractions. Flexible and thin, simply place it against your skin like a pantyliner. Connect the controller and put your clothes back on. No one will even know you’re wearing it. 




Adjust the stimulation level to provide comfortable pelvic floor muscle contractions. You are always in control, and you can pause or stop the treatment at any time.  It makes no noise and turns off automatically after the 20-minute treatment.



Wear it discreetly and forget about it. Each session provides 100 pelvic floor contractions. Treat 4 times per week, whenever and wherever you like. Many women see improvement in as few as 6 weeks. Followup with maintenance sessions as needed. 

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How Well Does it Work?

 ELITONE has been tested in clinical studies reviewed by the FDA. In one study 95% of women reported fewer leaks, with an average reduction of 71% in only 6 weeks. Naturally, reduction in pad use occurs over multiple weeks of consistent use.  In one example, as shown in the graph, a woman improved from 17 accidents per week to only 2. 


“My incontinence was preventing me from going out as I was leaking constantly. I tried a prescription from my urologist (which didn’t work) and moved from pads to expensive pull-ups. After an embarrassing accident at my hair salon, I was relieved when my daughter found ELITONE online. We immediately bought it. After 2 months, I no longer need to wear pads and can go anywhere without fear!”   

-Joela, 71, from Pull-ups to pad-free!


Why Treat NOw?


Live Life Leak Free – Incontinence affects women in different ways. Some are frustrated with having to wear bulky, smelly pads. For some it causes worry and embarrassment, for others it prevents them from being fully active.  Isn’t it time to Live Life Leak Free?

It Will Get Worse – Symptoms typically worsen with time, and at a certain point non-surgical treatment options like ELITONE are no longer an option.  Treat your incontinence now.  Your future self will thank you.

   Doing Nothing Is Expensive – You may not think about the costs of the pads you use to control leaks (or the extra laundry), but over time they get expensive. Are you okay with buying pads for the next 5, 10, or 20 years?

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