Unloader One X


Unloader One X is a medical device with biomechanical properties that is clinically proven to provide pain relief and functional improvements for people suffering from unicompartmental OA of the knee and degenerative meniscal tears. The Unloader One X builds on more than 18 years of patient and practitioner experience and is designed with ease of use and effortless wear in mind.

Product Details

Product Description

 Unloader One X improves mobility by providing pain relief from knee osteoarthritis and degenerative meniscal tears.

It features Össur's unique, patented and clinically proven 3-Point Leverage System, which generates unicompartimental unloading of the knee joint.

Key Features

  • 3-Point Leverage System consisting of two Dynamic Force System (DFS) Straps, rigid shells and a single upright hinge contribute to a unicompartmental unloading of the knee joint.
  • The unloading is effective only when needed, no condyle pressure during sitting or swing phase.
  • A slender, perforated frame with soft edges, which contours easily to individual anatomies and remains discreet whether worn over or under clothing.
  • Skin-friendly liners and pads as well as a smooth inner surface of shells reduce the likelihood of pressure points.
  • The gastroc strap is positioned over the thickest part of calf to help prevent slipping.
  • Tool-free SmartDosing® dials enable the patient to be in control of their pain level by fine-tuning the strap tension.
  • Colour coded touchpoints and Quick-Fit buckles make it easy to use.
  • Alignment guide on hinge facilitates correct positioning on the leg.
  • Entire brace is machine washable (washbag included with product).
  • Easily adaptable to individual needs and anatomical shapes.
  • Field serviceable.


  • Moderate to severe unicompartmental knee osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative meniscal tears
  • Other knee conditions that may benefit from unicompartmental unloading

Donning and Doffing

Clinician Fitting

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